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From Grass to Cheese

What can you discover today?

The Golden Yellow Heart

What can you discover today?

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What can you discover today?

“Cheese from the Groene Hart region of Holland: tasting it is a must. You can also taste the atmosphere of our region. Visit the welcoming farmers and experience the cheesemaking process. From grass to cheese: Cheese Valley.”

The yellow gold. That's what we call our Gouda cheese here in the region. The world-famous, characteristic wheels of cheese that can weigh up to 16 kilos or 35 pounds.
For centuries, Gouda cheeses were traded in the city to which they owe their name: Gouda. But they were and still are actually made in the polder region around the city: Cheese Valley.

“In Cheese Valley, the agricultural past is still tangible. You can rent a bike and cycle from cheese farm to cheese farm. See how cheese is made, sample some and maybe even make your own.”

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