Visit one or more of the cheese farms in the Cheese Valley region of the Netherlands and learn all about (farmhouse) Gouda cheese. Don’t forget to buy some of the delicious cheeses on offer in the farm shops!

Van Eijk cheese farm

Van Eijk cheese and dairy farm is located in the Groene Hart region, along the river Vlist.

De Graaf cheese farm

Quality artisanal cheese made from fresh raw milk from our own cows.

“De Houdycker” cheese farm

From milk to Blauw Klaver blue cheese… the whole process is artisanal and traditional.

“De Lagebroek” cheese farm

We have kept dairy cows and pigs and made cheese here for 5 generations.

Boer Bas cheese farm

The cheese made on the farm has been sold on-site for years.

Conny Vroege cheese farm

The cheese is made solely from the morning milk. We sell all the cheese on-site.

Beijersche Schuur

Relax in a charming environment and enjoy fresh and homemade regional products.


There are about 1,600 goats at MooiMekkerLand. And they are milked twice a day.

Olieman cheese farm

Olieman cheese farm is a genuine, close-knit family business in the Oud-Reeuwijk countryside.

Van Schaik / De Koepel cheese farm

Piet makes the cheeses and Heleen runs the farm shop.

Vrede-Oord cheese farm

Organic… extra love for our cows and nature. From our milk to cheese.

Van der Werf viewing and cheese farm

Cheese workshops, cheese making for children and beer cheese making.

Arcadiahoeve cheese farm

Gouda farmhouse cheese ranging from young to mature, along with meikaas – a fresh young white cheese.

De Beekhoeve organic dairy farm

Find out where your food comes from.

Hoogerwaard cheese farm

Once you’ve been to Hoogerwaard cheese farm, you’ll only want Gouda farmhouse cheese.

Schep cheese farm

The Krimpenerwaard area is the cradle of Gouda cheese. And you can tell!

De Wit Boerenkaas

The entire process is done on site at the family business of De Wit Boerenkaas. Starting with the cows and ending with our farmhouse cheese.

Jongenhoeve cheese farm

There’s always something to see on a farm. Especially on a cheese farm!

Van der Bas Dairy

The selection in the Van der Bas dairy shop will make your mouth water.

De Twee Hoeven cheese farm

The Den Boer family has been farming the land of this more than 400-year-old farm for generations.

De Veerstalhoeve farm shop

A wide range of fine artisanal products from the farmland.

Cornelis Hoeve cheese and ice cream farm

Their own cows provide the daily supply of fresh milk.


BoerBert is run in a modern way with respect for the environment and for animals and nature.

Van der Weerd cheese farm

Dick has years of experience in cheese making. He’s been doing it since the age of 15!

Speksnijder cheese farm

Cheese ranging from young to mature. Regular cheese and herb cheese. At Speksnijder cheese farm they know what tastes delicious!


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