Of course, Cheese Valley is also home to the best restaurants where you can go for a delicious lunch, a nice drink or a fantastic dinner. We have listed a number of great places where cheese or regional products get centre stage.

Bistronoom Restaurant & Bar

Enjoy gastronomy, the higher art of cooking, in a casual atmosphere.

Osteria Mercatu

Not too complex, super fresh and very good… just like real Italian cuisine should be.

De Nieuwe PolderKeuken

A taste of the polder in the middle of the Groene Hart region!


Admire the beautiful view of Gouda’s historic town hall.

Koeien en Kaas

Proud of Gouda cheese and a passion for meat.

De Munt

Great products with a lot of love and care.

De Dukdalf

Attractive, modern interior, pure enjoyment in a casual atmosphere.

De Kleischuur

“Our restaurant exudes calm and an attention to detail.”

JanZen (Bib Gourmand)

A warm and homely restaurant in a beautiful Art Deco building on the outskirts of Woerden.

Huisje van De Zeeuw

Without a doubt the cosiest and most special restaurant in the Krimpenerwaard area.

Reeuwijkse Hout

Famous classics such as the super tender Reeuwijkse Hout satay, carpaccio and our fresh fish dish.

Gare Pompidou

Enjoy delicious culinary travels with your travel companions at Gare Pompidou.

Museumcafé Gouda

The ideal location for a cup of coffee, lunch or afternoon tea.

Lunchcafé Curcuma

The whole menu is organic and vegetarian with many vegan options.

Restaurant Unique

“Culinary journey with wine and food.”

't Vaantje

A place where everyone feels at home.

Pieters Restaurant

A wonderful evening out and a real culinary treat.

In het Bonte Varken

We use many regional products, including vegetables from our own garden.

Bij Robbert

Craftsmanship and hospitality in a warm, cosy atmosphere.

Café - Bistro 't Wapen

Honest, delicious and affordable food in a cosy atmosphere.


A meeting place of many flavors. Initially regarding stories, now also with fantastic dishes.

Bonita Bodegraven

You will find a French style, a nice homely atmosphere and fair cuisine at Bonita.

LF Gouda

What used to be a light factory is now all about eating, drinking and celebrating.

Brasserie Springer

Brasserie Springer is all about enjoyment with a capital E.


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