Listed below are the best cycling and walking routes for discovering Cheese Valley and the Groene Hart region. They will take you through the various villages and cities, along the many cheese farms and, of course, right through the beautiful peatland region.

Cow-Cheese Route

Various distances – An unforgettable bike tour between Rotterdam and Gouda, past picturesque villages.

Walking in Bodegraven-Reeuwijk

Various distances – Walking in the Green Heart is an activity for everyone.

Cheese Valley Tour

25 mi/40 km – Together with Green Cow Bike Tours, you’ll explore Cheese Valley by bike.

Smikkel-Bikkel Route

16 mi/26 km – Cycle through the Groene Hart region and explore!

Ice-Beer-Cheese Route

28 mi/45 km – A delicious cycling tour between Alphen aan den Rijn and Gouda.

Cheese Valley Package

A unique day out dedicated to cheese. Cycle, see, learn and taste.

Molenwiek Route

9 mi/15 km – Walk through this area and you will notice that it doesn’t get more Dutch than this.

Farmhouse Cheese-Route

26 mi/42 km – Jump on your bike and explore this peatland region that is the birthplace of Gouda cheese.

Koekeloeren Path

3.3 mi/5.4 km – A fun and educational route for children that includes cows in the lead role.

Picnic Route

14 mi/23 km – Fun cycling route through Reeuwijk and Boskoop, the tree nursery region par excellence!

Miller’s Route

19 mi/31 km – An original Dutch polder landscape would be incomplete without windmills.

Walking in Gouda - the cheese city

Various distances – Explore Gouda on foot, either on your own or with a guide.

Hollands Utrechts Polderpad

12.4 mi/20 km – Discover the beauty of the open peatland areas.

ANWB Cheese Valley Cycling Route

26.7 mi/43 km – Cycling and cheese: You can’t get more Dutch than that.

Fun and Carefree Route

33 mi/53 km – Cycle along centuries-old roads built on peatland quays, towpaths and cycle paths that run right through the polder.

Terrace Route

30.5 mi/49 km – Cycle along the most charming terraces – most of which are right along the water!

Wandering through ’t Land van Stein

9 mi/15 km – Walking route past “Het klooster” cheesemakers and farm.

Wandering through the Waard

31 mi/50 km – Do you ever feel like being alone, just to clear your head?

Polderpassie Path

11.5 mi/18.5 km – A long day’s walk through town and country.

Discover the history of Bodegraven

60 min – See all the hidden gems and hear the best stories about Bodegraven’s cheesy history.

Craft route

18 mi/29 km – Discover the beautiful polders of Papekop by bike and try the most delicious farmhouse cheeses.


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