Beijersche Schuur

Relax in a charming environment and enjoy fresh and homemade regional products.

The Beijersche Schuur in Stolwijk is next to a cheese farm also a tearoom and has its own shop that will keep you busy and eating. Listen to their story below.

This farm is still a ‘classic’ farm and therefore unique. Starting April through summertime the cows are outside on the meadows day and night. In wintertime they stay indoors on their own spot in the stable.

When there is enough fresh grass on the fields and temperatures are not too low during the night the cows go outside 24/7. During this period the farmer goes out on the fields with his special milking vehicle.

The fresh milk is made into real farmers cheese being sold in the Boer families own shop on the farm. Listen to the story below and find out more about the Beijersche Schuur.

There is so much to discover in the neighbourhood. Visit beautiful Stolwijk or the nearby ancient city of Gouda. You are also close to some nice cycling routes like the Cow-Cheese Route and the Miller’s Route.

Cheese Valley

Cheese Valley, a unique area in the middle of the Groene Hart region. It is made up of four municipalities with special stories and experiences and, above all, it’s the heart and origin of real cheese, Holland’s yellow gold. Listen to the story below.

Made possible with support from the province of South Holland.

Beijersche Schuur
Beijerscheweg 12
2821 Stolwijk


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