Cheese Valley Tour

25 mi/40 km – Together with Green Cow Bike Tours, you’ll explore Cheese Valley by bike.

The cycling tour starts in the historic centre of Gouda. In Reeuwijk, a short distance away and surprisingly close to the city, there is a breathtaking nature reserve with a rich variety of waterfowl. Cycling through small villages and along narrow roads you then arrive in Woerden, where you’ll visit the Kaaspakuis (Cheese Warehouse). The route continues through the countryside along the Lange Linschoten, where you can enjoy the lovely views of willows and the water! If you’re interested, you can also visit one of the real cheese farms located amongst the polders. Have a cup of coffee or tea and then cycle back to Gouda. You can also request to start and finish your tour at different locations. Visit the Green Cow Bike Tours website for information regarding costs and what is included. You can also make a reservation via the website.

Cheese Valley Tour
Markt 35
2801 JK Gouda

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