Craft route

18 mi/29 km โ€“ Discover the beautiful polders of Papekop by bike and try the most delicious farmhouse cheeses.

During this route, immerse yourself in the traditional world of the Green Heart of Holland. From the start at the Cheese Experience at the Cheese Warehouse, where you learn everything about modern cheese making, to the cheese farms in the polders where farmer’s cheese is still produced. In Oudewater you can visit the Rope Museum where you can admire a real track barn where in the past hemp, yarn, sledges and spinning reels were stored.

Tip: Taste the farmhouse cheese

Farmers Cheese is made from fresh raw milk from cows that graze in the meadows of the Green Heart of Holland. The cows receive delicious milk from the juicy grass, from which a tasteful and creamy farmhouse cheese is made. Discover the world of farm cheese!

Read more information about the route here and check the full route description.

Cheese Valley

Cheese Valley, a unique area in the middle of the Groene Hart region. It is made up of four municipalities with special stories and experiences and, above all, itโ€™s the heart and origin of real cheese, Hollandโ€™s yellow gold. Listen to the story below.

Check out below what else there is to do in the area.

Craft route
Emmakade 6A
3441 AJ Woerden


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