Schep cheese farm

The Krimpenerwaard area is the cradle of Gouda cheese. And you can tell!

Driving along a small country road through the Zuidbroekse Polder between Bergambacht and Berkenwoude you find the cheese farm of family Schep. Here you are right in the middle of the green lush meadows of the Groene Hart.

For over 50 years the family Schep is making cheese six days a week of almost all of the fresh milk from their own cows. Their cheeses come in all different sizes, small to large. The real big 60 kilogram cheeses are a real specialty according to family recipe.

Every stableโ€™s rooftop is filled with solar panels, 3.100 in total. Next to that they make all the hot water they need in the cheese factory with solar collectors.

Schep Dairy Cow and Cheese Farm is alongside the special Cow-Cheese route for cyclists. Nearby you can spend the night in the Appelgaard or Farm Camps Stolkse Weide. A visit to Krimpenerwaard museum is a must when youโ€™re in the neighbourhood and for a nice luncheon you can visit Huisje de Zeeuw in Lekkerkerk.

Cheese Valley

Cheese Valley, a unique area in the middle of the Groene Hart region. It is made up of four municipalities with special stories and experiences and, above all, itโ€™s the heart and origin of real cheese, Hollandโ€™s yellow gold. Listen to the story below.

Made possible with support from the province of South Holland.

Schep dairy and cheese farm
Zuidbroek 153
2861 LL Bergambacht




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