Wandering through ’t Land van Stein

9 mi/15 km – Walking route past “Het klooster” cheesemakers and farm.

At the beginning of the 14th century the name Land van Steyn appears, named after the then lord Arnoud van Steyn (±1266 – ±1328). It is a high glory with its own rights. In this country stood the monastery of Emmaüs, where Desiderius Erasmus was a monk. Now there is a farm called “The Monastery”. Erasmus was not fond of this place. He found it wet, cold and draughty.

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Cheese Valley

Cheese Valley, a unique area in the middle of the Groene Hart region. It is made up of four municipalities with special stories and experiences and, above all, it’s the heart and origin of real cheese, Holland’s yellow gold. Listen to the story below.

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Wandering through ’t Land van Stein
Burgemeester Jamesplein 1
2803 PG Gouda


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