Cheese Valley Tour

25 mi/40 km – Together with Green Cow Bike Tours, you’ll explore Cheese Valley by bike.

Gouda cheese is not just really tasty, it also has a rich history! For centuries, these cheeses were traded in the city they were named after: Gouda. But the actual production process took place in the surrounding polders: Cheese Valley. Join us on a cycling tour to Woerden – come, see and taste the long history of Gouda cheese making!

The tour starts in the historic city center of Gouda. A short distance away, surprisingly close to the city, is a breathtaking nature reserve in Reeuwijk with a rich variety of water birds. Via small villages and narrow roads you will then arrive in Woerden, where you will visit the Cheese Warehouse. The route continues through the countryside along the Lange Linschoten.

Enjoy the willows and the water here! Somewhere between the polders you can take a look at a real cheese farm if you want. After a cup of coffee or tea you cycle back to Gouda. By the way, you can also start and end at a different location on request.

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Cheese Valley

Cheese Valley, une région unique en plein milieu du Groene Hart. Quatre communes riches d’histoires et d’aventures singulières. Et surtout le cœur et l’origine du véritable fromage, l’or jaune des Pays-Bas. Écoutez (en anglais) son histoire.

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